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EE-SX384/SX484 Photomicrosensor (Transmissive)

  • Incorporates an IC chip with a built-in detector element and amplifier.
  • Incorporates a detector element with a built-in temperature compensation circuit.
  • A wide supply voltage range: 4.5 to 16 VDC
  • Directly connects with C-MOS and TTL.
  • High resolution with a 0.5-mm-wide sensing aperture.
  • Dark ON model (EE-SX384)
  • Light ON model (EE-SX484)
RoHS Compliant
Model 2D/3D CAD ECAD(Download symbol,FootPrint,3DCAD)
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Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta = 25ºC)
Rated value
Emitter Forward current IF 50 mA
(see note 1)
Reverse voltage VR 4 V
Detector Power supply voltage VCC 16 V
Output voltage VOUT 28 V
Output current IOUT 16 mA
Permissible output dissipation POUT 250 mW
(see note 1)
Ambient temperature Operating Topr -40ºC to 75ºC
Storage Tstg -40ºC to 85ºC
Soldering temperature Tsol 260ºC
(see note 2)
Note: 1. Refer to the temperature rating chart if the ambient temperature exceeds 25ºC.

2. Complete soldering within 10 seconds.

Electrical and Optical Characteristics (Ta = 25ºC)
Emitter Forward voltage VF 1.2 V typ., 1.5 V max. IF = 20 mA
Reverse current IR 0.01 μA typ., 10 μA max. VR = 4 V
Peak emission wavelength λP 940 nm typ. IF = 20 mA
Detector Low-level output voltage VOL 0.12 V typ., 0.4 V max. VCC = 4.5 to 16 V, IOL = 16 mA, IF = 0 mA (EE-SX384), IF = 8 mA (EE-SX484)
High-level output voltage VOH 15 V min. VCC = 16 V, RL = 1 kΩ, IF = 8 mA (EE-SX384), IF = 0 mA (EE-SX484)
Current consumption ICC 3.2 mA typ., 10 mA max. VCC = 16 V
Peak spectral sensitivity wavelength λP 870 nm typ. VCC = 4.5 to 16 V
LED current when output is OFF IFT 3 mA typ., 8 mA max. VCC = 4.5 to 16 V
LED current when output is ON
Hysteresis ΔH 15% typ. VCC = 4.5 to 16 V (see note 1)
Response frequency f 3 kHz min. VCC = 4.5 to 16 V, IF = 15 mA, IOL = 16 mA (see note 2)
Response delay time tPLH (tPHL) 3 μs typ. VCC = 4.5 to 16 V, IF = 15 mA, IOL = 16 mA (see note 3)
Response delay time tPHL (tPLH) 20 μs typ. VCC = 4.5 to 16 V, IF = 15 mA, IOL = 16 mA (see note 3)
Note : 1. Hysteresis denotes the difference in forward LED current value, expressed in percentage, calculated from the respective forward LED currents when the photo IC in turned from ON to OFF and when the photo IC in turned from OFF to ON.
  2. The value of the response frequency is measured by rotating the disk as shown below.
  3. The following illustrations show the definition of response delay time. The value in the parentheses applies to the EE-SX484.
Note: All units are in millimeters unless otherwise indicated.


Terminal No.
A Anode
K Cathode
V Power supply (Vcc)
O Output (OUT)
G Ground (GND)
Unless otherwise specified,the tolerances are ± 0.2 mm.