OMRON’s Touchless Sensor LineupTouch-free sensing contributing to your hygienic solutions

  • HygienicTouch-free hand and body detection
  • Long system lifeElimination of mechanical components makes a big difference in system life expectancy!
  • SimpleSimple package structure makes it easy to design-in!

Touchless Sensors for Human Hand & Body Detection

  • Hand detectionHand detection
  • Body detectionBody detection

Hand detection

  • Faucet motionFaucet motion
  • Hand sanitizer dispenserHand sanitizer dispenser

Body detection

  • Sterilizers and deodorizersSterilizers and deodorizers

Touchless Sensors for Temperature Detection

Product image Non-Contact MEMS thermal sensor
D6T series

Note: Guaranteed D6T sensor accuracy temperature is ±1.5℃. For body surface temperature measurements, it is necessary for users to apply temperature compensation to improve temperature accuracy.
  • TemperatureTemperature

Temperature Detection

  • body surface temperature measurement at the entrance of a buildingbody surface temperature measurement at the entrance of a building
  • IR Sensor for Gate Access Control
    IR Sensor for Gate Access Control

Sensing Technology for Human Detection/Personal Identification

  • Face detectionFace detection
  • Body detectionBody detection
  • Face recognitionFace recognition

Automatic power-on
Identify human user to log in the system

  • Multi-function printerMulti-function printer