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Relay Basics

General Knowledge of Relays

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Signal Relays

Signal Relay Definition

Signal relays are mainly used for lower than 2A load switching, and can be used in various applications such as telecom & network devices, test and measurement equipment, and security devices.

About Signal relays

Signal Relay Features

Signal relays offer superior contact reliability even with a small signal load owing to its gold-pasted contact and bifurcated crossbar structure (see figure).
Since signal relays are mainly used to switch current, they mainly have c-contact structure. They are compatible with reflow mounting. Multiple mounting is also possible for reel packages.

  • Bifurcated crossbar structure
    Bifurcated crossbar structure
  • Reflow mounting
    Reflow mounting

Signal Relay Types

Omron's signal relays continue to contribute to society through a wide range of variations including general purpose, small, high sensitivity, and high-frequency types and a stable quality.

Omron's signal relays

Signal Relay Diagram

Main surface mount signal relays consist of the following parts.
The coil is secondary molded, and high insulation performance between the coil and the contact is achieved while being small-sized.


Signal Relay Application Examples

Security device

Gas detectors and other disaster prevention devices, alarms and other crime prevention equipment

  • Detector
  • Control panel
    Control panel
Testing and measuring device

Oscilloscopes and measuring devices, IC testers and other inspection devices

ApplicationInput / Output switching, power switching
  • Oscilloscope
  • ATE
    (Semiconductor test equipment)
  • Industrial device

    Machine tools, molding machines, welding machines, mounters and other industrial robots

    ApplicationLine Switching, Control Switching
    Machine tools
    Machine tools
  • Amusement equipment

    Gaming machines and peripherals

    ApplicationInformation output
    Gaming machines
    Gaming machines