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Relay Basics

General Knowledge of Relays

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PCB Power Relays

PCB Power Relay Definition

Relays mainly used for more than 3A load switch, and equipped in household appliances, such as refrigerators, washing machines, and AV device, as well as various FA equipment, industrial equipment, and household equipment.

About PCB Power Relays

PCB Power Relay Features

Power relays for printed circuit boards offer superior performance in high-capacity load switching in the power supply system owing to its material that can resist to contact arc and single contact structure (see figure). These power relays also retain excellent performance in contact volume and contact pressure.

In addition, these power relays comply with various safety standards. The products line-up includes relays that have enhanced insulation distance between coil contacts

  • Single contact structure
    Single contact structure
  • Examples of safety standatds
    Examples of safety standatds

PCB Power Relay Types

Omron's power relays for printed circuit boards contribute to high functionality and safety of devices with wide variety of current capacities (3A-30A), contact structures, protective structures, and coil specifications.

Omron's PCB Power Relays

PCB Power Relay Diagram

The power relays for the board have suitable structures according to applications, and are generally composed of a plurality of components as shown in the following figure. This figure shows an example of a hinged relay.

PCB Power Relay Diagram

PCB Power Relay Application Examples

There are a wide variety of industries that use power relays that can directly switch loads such as motors, lamps, and heaters.

Industrial equipment

Machine tools, molders, welders, mounters, and other industrial robots

ApplicationControl of motors, heaters, etc.
  • Machine tool
    Machine tool
  • Robot
Household equipment

Shutters and luminaires

ApplicationControl of motors and fluorescent lamps, etc.
  • Automatic shutter
    Automatic shutter
  • Lighting equipment
    Lighting equipment
Power supplies

UPS, switching power supply

ApplicationPower supply control
  • UPS
  • Switching power supply
    Switching power supply
FA equipment

Programmable controllers, temperature controllers, timers, and various I/O devices

ApplicationExternal load control
  • Programmable controller
    Programmable controller
  • Temperature controller
    Temperature controller
Electrical household appliances

Air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, etc.

ApplicationControl of compressors, pumps, motors, heaters, etc.
  • Air conditioner
    Air conditioners
  • Washing machine
    Washing machine
Energy Market

UPS, PV Inverter, EV Charger, Industrial air conditioner, etc.

ApplicationApplication|Power supply control
  • UPS
  • EV Charger
    EV Charger
  • Industrial air conditioner
    Industrial air conditioner
ApplicationApplication|Grid interconnection, emergency shutdown
  • PV Inverter
    PV Inverter