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Relay Basics

General Knowledge of Relays

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General Purpose Relays

General Purpose Relay Definition

General Purpose relays are the origin of the Omron relays, and they meet various needs with a wide variety.

They also are used in a variety of control components at production sites where high reliability is required and in control systems such as electricity, water, and gas.

About General Purpose Relays

General Purpose Relay Types

Types Points Typical relays Model
For control panels Relays with 1 to 4 poles are mainly used for relay sequences or I/O applications MM(K), MK(S), MY, LY, G2R, G2RV, G7T, etc. For control panels
Built-in Built-in relays enable using a carry current of up to 40 A and are used for building into devices, e.g., to turn ON load power supplies. G7Z, G7J, G7X, etc. Built-in
For work saving Work-saving relays are available in relay units and are used mainly for I/O applications for programmable controllers when downsizing and saving work are required. G6D-F4B, G6B-4BND, etc. For work saving
For special operations Relays for special operations are available as relays or relay units that are specified for a specific applications, such as alternative operation and stepping operation of pumps. G4Q, G9B, MYA, etc. For special operations

General Purpose Relay Diagram

Transparent cases are used for most of these relays so that users can see inside of the relays.
In addition, indicators and mechanical latching levers contribute to a reduction of man-hours for checking operation and inspections.

Example of Applications of Models with Latching LeversOperation checks in relay sequence circuits, etc

General Purpose Relay Features

General Purpose Relay Application Examples

General purpose relays are mainly used as a control circuit (relay sequence) for control circuits of automated machines used at various production sites, and for various control systems such as lighting, air conditioning, and water treatment of buildings. Omron has a wide variety of relays in accordance with the use environment and the purpose. (Mini-power relays, latching relays, etc.)

  • Relay sequences

    Construct control circuit by combining basic four circuits (NOT circuit/AND circuit)/OR circuit/X-OR circuit) with relays.

    Relay sequences
  • I/O relays

    Used as a relay for relaying a load of a controller such as a PLC etc. and of a solenoid valve etc.

    I/O relays
Building automation
ApplicationLighting, air-conditioning control, etc.
  • Lighting
  • Air-conditioning control
    Air-conditioning control
Control to support the infrastructure
Application Traffic (not associated with running and stopping control), water supply, information, etc.
  • Smart meter
    Smart meter
  • Gas meter
    Gas meter
  • Digital switching system
    Digital switching system
Plant automation
ApplicationElectricity, Steel, Shell Gas, etc.
  • Various plants
    Various plants
Factory automation
ApplicationMachine for manufacturing automobiles, Semiconductors, Chemicals etc.
  • Semiconductor manufacturing machine
    Semiconductor manufacturing machine
  • Robot