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Relay Basics

General Knowledge of Relays

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DC Power Relays

DC Power Relay Definition

This is a relay that performs high-voltage and high-capacity urgent shutdown of DC circuits.
These relays not only energize DC circuit but also shutdown the high voltage circuit at high speed when an error occurs.

About DC Power Relays

DC Power Relay Features

Omron's DC power switching technique contributes to space saving, noise reduction, miniaturization, and power saving, and is characterized by a safety and reliability design.

Omron's DC Power Relays

DC Power Relay Types

Omron's DC power relays meet the diverse needs with a wide range of products of small size and high capacity.

  • G9EJ
    Rating: 400 V 25A (C-load)
  • G9EA
    Rating: 400 V 80A
  • G9EC
    Rating: 400 V 200A

DC Power Relay Diagram

The switching structure using a gas sealing system has greatly reduces the size of the relay switching area and operation noise during load switching. In addition, this structure realized reduction of coil power consumption and long-term contact stability.

Main componentsmain terminals, fixed contacts, contact springs, permanent magnets, movable contacts
Arc stretching effect

DC Power Relay Application Examples

  • Fuel cell cogeneration system and photovoltaic power generation system
    ApplicationFor power feeding circuit, and safety circuit of capacitors
    Fuel cell cogeneration system
  • Industrial equipment (elevators, industrial robots, test equipment, etc.)
    ApplicationFor safety circuits
    Industrial equipment
  • Electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles
    ApplicationCharging and power feeder and auxiliary devices
    Electric vehicles
  • Environmentally friendly vehicles with high-voltage batteries typified by hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles
    ApplicationMain relay, precharge relay (inside BDU)
    hybrid vehicles