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XP2U-001 Testing Socket for Devices with USB Type C Connectors

Socket for testing electronic devices that have a USB Type-C I/O connector

  • Equipped with a USB Type-C 3.1 compliant connector
    (Model DX07B024JJ3LR1600, manufactured by JAE)
  • With installation hole (1.8 dia.) that enables attachment on equipment
  • XP2U Product overview video
    XP2U Product overview video

    Introduction of "XP2U" product feature and usage.

RoHS Compliant
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  • Testing can be accomplished by simply inserting the connector into the USB Type-C connector on the electronic device
  • You can connect to the testing equipment by one touch connection to the USB Type-C connector.

Smartphone USB Type-C connector USB cable

Various features designed specifically for connector testing

Unique high-hardness material realizes high durability Eliminates a locking mechanism and realizes a low insertion force:Can be inserted smoothly into the connector with minimal force. Connector plug with plastic tip minimizes damage to the connector of the device being tested

Plastic tip
Plastic tip:Plastic
The tip is plastic to reduce the possibility of scratching the device being tested.
Floating structure
Floating structure:Can moveapprox. 1°
The tip moves flexibly, allowing easy insertion even if the insertion angle is not completely horizontal.

Application examples

Testable devices
All electronic devices that have a USB Type-C connector can be tested.

  • Smartphone inspectionSmartphone inspection
  • Handheld game console inspectionHandheld game console inspection
  • Electronic tobacco inspectionElectronic tobacco inspection
  • Digital camera inspectionDigital camera inspection
  • Headphone inspectionHeadphone inspection
  • Notebook computer inspectionNotebook computer inspection

Example testing setup

Inspection line Smartphone Connector USB Type-C connector USB cable Insertion jig

Model Minimum packing unit
XP2U-001 1 Piece

Note: Please order in multiples of the minimum packing unit.

Item Details
Rated current 1.25 ADC (USB Type-C, pin numbers A1, A4, A9, A12, B1, B4, B9, B12)
0.25 ADC (USB Type-C, pin numbers A2, A3, A5 to A8, A10, A11, B2, B3, B5 to B8, B10 to B11)
XP2U-001:Rated current
Rated voltage 20 V DC/AC (ambient temperature 20°C)
Ambient operating temperature 5 to 40°C (no icing or condensation)
Ambient operating humidity 5 to 85°C RH
Ambient storage temperature 5 to 40°C (no icing or condensation)
Ambient storage humidity 5 to 85°C RH
(Unit: mm)


Precautions for Correct Use

When using the product

  • One of unique point for this product is to prevent damage to DUT because of resin material on tip parts.
    Therefore there is threat to make damaging to the tip parts in case of use case with rotation action or inclination of insertion and withdrawal over floating angle. Please use not to make over floating angle.
  • Do not drop the product. Risk of connector failure.
  • Do not use a current higher than the current rating. Risk of abnormal heating.
  • Do not wire the product in a way that will subject it to direct force. Risk of deformation.
  • Do not use in the following environments.
  • A location exposed to direct radiant heat from heating equipment
  • A location where water or oil will get on the product
  • A location exposed to direct sunlight
  • A location where dust or corrosive gas (especially sulfuric gas or ammonia gas) is present
  • A location subject to sudden temperature changes
  • A location where there is a risk of icing or condensation
  • A location subject to significant vibration or shock