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XM2S Hood Covers

D-Sub Connector Assembly Hoods That Are Ideal for Office Equipment Interfaces

  • Metallized plastic Hood provides excellent noise protection.
  • Connectors are available with cables connected horizontally (9-pin and 25-pin models only) to enable using the space behind the Connectors more effectively.
  • See the "Standards certification / conformity list" for information on conformity to certification standards.
RoHS Compliant
Model 2D/3D CAD ECAD(Download symbol,FootPrint,3DCAD)
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XM2S-0911 Download Download
XM2S-0912 Download Download
XM2S-0913 Download Download
XM2S-0921 Download Download
XM2S-1511 Download Download
XM2S-1512 Download Download
XM2S-1513 Download Download
XM2S-2511 Download Download
XM2S-2512 Download Download
XM2S-2513 Download Download
XM2S-3711 Download Download
XM2S-3712 Download Download
XM2S-3713 Download Download
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Lock screw
M2.6 × 0.45 metric screws
(No dot)
M3 × 0.5 metric screws
(1 dot)
#4-40 UNC inch screws
(2 dots)
Applicable Anchors

No. of contacts
Anchor 1 XM2Z-0001 XM2Z-0002 XM2Z-0003
Anchor 2 XM2Z-0011 XM2Z-0012 XM2Z-0013
Anchor 3 XM2Z-0021 XM2Z-0022 XM2Z-0023
9 XM2S-0911 XM2S-0912 XM2S-0913
15 XM2S-1511 XM2S-1512 XM2S-1513
25 XM2S-2511 XM2S-2512 XM2S-2513
37 XM2S-3711 XM2S-3712 XM2S-3713
Note: Lock screws are attached to the Hood. Select D-sub Connectors with Anchors or Grounding Fixtures that fit the lock screw of the Hood.
Ambient operating
−25 to 85°C (with no condensation or icing)
Shield performance Mounted in panel: 25 dB min. (30 to 900 MHz)
Mounted on board: 20 dB min. (30 to 300 MHz)
(unit: mm)
9-contact Hoods
XM2S-0911 (M2.6 × 0.45 metric screws)
XM2S-0912 (M3 × 0.5 metric screws)
XM2S-0913 (#4-40 UNC inch screws)

15-, 25- and 37-contact Hoods
XM2S-□□11 (M2.6 × 0.45 metric screws )
XM2S-□□12 (M3 × 0.5 metric screws )
XM2S-□□13 (#4-40 UNC inch screws)



Dimensions (mm)
No. of contacts
15 40.5 33.32 26.5 19 30 10
25 54.0 47.04 40 29 38 11
37 70.5 63.50 57 42 50 13