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G8NDL Automotive PCB relay (Dual H-Bridge)

G8NDL has been designed to correspond with various kinds of normal/reverse rotation motor control application as the successor to the G8ND series.

  • 8-terminal dual relay. Separate coil and contact terminals.
  • Compatible terminal layout with G8ND series.
  • Low profile relay, downsized 17% from the G8ND series.
  • Correspond to the reflow soldering.

Please confirm Omron Safety Precautions for all automotive relays first.
Omron can not guarantee automotive relays before finish making a contract with product specifications.

RoHS Compliant
Model 2D/3D CAD ECAD(Download symbol,FootPrint,3DCAD)
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Classification Terminal form Contact
Protective structure Rated coil Type Characteristics
Voltage (V) Resistance (Ω)
Dual PCB terminal SPDT X 2
Flux protection
(Open vent hole)
DC12 95 G8NDL-27R Standard
115 G8NDL-27HR Low power consumption
●Operation coil
Rated voltage(V) Coil resistance
Rated current
Max. of applied voltage
(5A conduct, 105°C)
Service voltage
Rated power
DC 12 95 126.3 5.6 or less 0.9 or more DC16, 1 min. DC10 to 16 1516
115 104.3 5.9 or less 1252

●Switching area
Item Performance
Contact material Silver alloy
Rated voltage DC12V
Rated load Motor load, 25A
Inrush current 30A
Allowable carrying current 25A at DC14V (10min)*1 (Reference)
Min. Carry / Switching Current DC12V 1A

Item Standard value
Contact resistance*2 50mΩ or less
Operating time*3 10ms or less
Release time*3 5ms or less
Between coil and terminal 100MΩ or more
Between homopolar contacts 100MΩ or more
Between coil and terminal AC500V for 1min.
Between homopolar contacts AC500V for 1 min.
Durability 33Hz 45m/s2
(Detecting time:1ms)
10 to 400Hz 45m/s2
Durability 1000m/s2
(Operating time:6ms)
(Detecting time:1ms)
(Operating time:11ms)
Mechanical endurance
(Switching frequency:18,000 times/h)
1,000,000 times
Electrical endurance (Rated load) 100,000 times
Ambient temperature -40 to 105°C
Ambient humidity 35 to 85%RH
Weight 6g
Note: All values above are measured in early time under an ambient temperature of +20°C and humidity of 65% unless stated.
*1. This is an acceptable current-carrying value in abnormal, and this is not a value which guarantee a repeat current-carrying. Please check under actual use condition before use.
*2. Measured with a voltage drop method at DC6V 1A.
*3. It changes depend on how the rated voltage is operated, but bounce-time is not included.
*4. Measured at DC500V.
*5. Measured under 1mA of leak current, 50/60Hz for 1minute.
*6. Minimum Order Quantity is subject to change, please feel free to contact our sales representatives.