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EY3A-1081 Light Convergent Reflective Sensor


  • Ensures higher sensitivity and external light interference resistivity than any other photomicrosensor.
  • Narrow sensing range ensures stable sensing of a variety of sensing objects.

Last order Date:Mar.31,2021

RoHS Compliant
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Absolute Maximum Ratings(Ta = 25ºC)
Rated value
Power supply voltage
Load voltage
Load current
IOUT 10 mA
Ambient temperature
Topr 0ºC to 60ºC
Tstg -15ºC to 70ºC
Note: Make sure there is no icing or condensation when operating the Sensor.

Electrical and Optical Characteristics (Ta = 0ºC to 60ºC)
Power supply voltage
5V±5% ---
Current consumption
50 mA max. VCC=5V,RL=∞
Peak current consumption
200 mA max. VCC=5V,RL=∞
Low-level output voltage
0.6 V max. VCC=5V,IOL=4mA (see note 1)
High-level output voltage
3.5 V min. VCC=5V,RL=4.7kΩ (see note 2)
Response delay time (High to Low)
1.5 ms max. The time required for the output to become "Lo" after placing sensing object.
Response delay time (Low to high)
1.5 ms max. The time required for the output to become "Hi" after removing sensing object.
Note: 1. These conditions are for the sensing of lusterless paper with an OD of 0.7 maximum located at the correct sensing position of the Sensor as shown in the optical path arrangement on page 8.
  2. These conditions are for the sensing of the paper supporting plate with an OD of 0.05 located using the glass plate without paper as shown in the optical path arrangement on page 8.

Characteristics (Paper Table Glass: t = 6 mm max., Transparency Rate: 90% min.)(Ta =0ºC to 60ºC)
Characteristic value
Sensing density
Lusterless paper with an OD of 0.7 max. (sensing distance: 80 mm) (see note)
Non-sensing distance
120 mm (from the top of the sensor), OD: 0.05
Paper sensing distance
80 mm (from the top of the sensor)
Ambient illumination
Sunlight: 3,000 x max., fluorescent light: 2,000 x max.
Note: 1. The data shown are initial data.
  2. Optical darkness (OD) is defined by the following formula:

PIN (mW): Light power incident upon the document
POUT (mW): Reflected light power from the document
Note: All units are in millimeters unless otherwise indicated.
EY3A-1081 Dimensions1
Pin no.
1 O Output (OUT)
2 V Power supply (Vcc)
3 G Ground (GND)

Unless otherwise specified, the tolerances are as shown below.
3 mm max. ±0.3
3 < mm ≤ 6 ±0.375
6 < mm ≤ 10 ±0.45
10 < mm ≤ 18 ±0.55
18 < mm ≤ 30 ±0.65
30 < mm ≤ 50 ±0.8
50 < mm ≤ 80 ±0.95
Recommended Mating Connectors:
Japan Molex 51090-0300 (crimp-type connector)
52484-0310 (insulation displacement-type connector)