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A9TS Ultra subminiature Toggle Switch

Ultra subminiature size.

  • Gold-plated clip contact ensure high reliability.
  • The sealed bottom prevents flux penetration.
  • Washable, equivalent to IP64 (IEC-60529).
  • A9TS is smaller than A9T.
    Height: A9T 17mm A9TS 11mm (35% smaller than A9T)
RoHS Compliant
Model 2D/3D CAD ECAD(Download symbol,FootPrint,3DCAD)
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A9TS11-0011 Download Download
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A9TS21-0011 Download Download
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List of Models
Actuator Shape
Terminal Shape
DIP Terminal Right Angle Terminal Vertical Mount Terminal
img img img
Switching Function
ON - ON A9TS11-0011 A9TS21-0011 A9TS11-0012 A9TS21-0012 A9TS11-0013 A9TS21-0013
ON OFF ON A9TS12-0011 A9TS22-0011 A9TS12-0012 A9TS22-0012 A9TS12-0013 A9TS22-0013
Note: 1. Lever do not stop at "-" position.
2. Switching Functions show the view from the side of Type and Brand name marking.
Ratings(resistive load) 14 mA at 28 VAC/DC, 0.1μ A(minimum current) at 20 mVAC/DC
Ambient operating temperature -20 °C to +80 °C 60% RH Max. (with no icing or condensation)
Ambient operating humidity 45 to 85% RH (+5 to +35 °C)
Insulation resistance 500 MΩ min. (at 500 VDC with insulation tester)
Contact resistance(initial value) 80 mΩ max.
Dielectric strength 500 VAC for 1min between terminals, between terminals and ground
Vibration resistance Malfunction: 10 to 55 Hz, 1.5-mm double amplitude
Shock resistance Malufunction: 500 m/s2 min.
Durability Mechanical: 50,000 operations min.
Electrical: 50,000 operations min.
Degree of protection IEC IP64
Washing Possible
Operating forcse 4.9 N max.
Weight 0.3 g
(Unit: mm)
DIP Terminal Models

Right Angle Terminal Models

Vertical Mount Terminal Models
Note: Unless otherwise specified, a tolerance of ± 0.4 mm applies to all dimensions.

PCB Dimensions (Top View)

Safety Precautions

Be sure to read the Safety precautions common to all PCB-mount Manual Switch for correct use.


Use the switch within the rated voltage and current ranges, otherwise the Switch may have a shortened life expectancy, radiate heat,or burn out. This particularly applies to the instantaneous voltages and currents when switching.


Do not apply excessive operating force to the Switch. Otherwise the Switch may be damaged or deformed, and the switch mechanism may malfunction as a result. Apply an operating force not exceeding 9.8N {1,000gf}. Apply the operating load from the top of the actuator. Do not apply a load from angle or from side the actuator. Doing so may deform the Switch contact.


Observe the following conditions when soldering the Switch.
·Automatic Soldering Bath
Soldering temperature: 260 ℃ max. (Preheating: 100 ℃ 120s max.) Soldering time: 5s max.
· Manual Soldering
Soldering temperature: 350 ℃ at the tip of the soldering iron. Soldering time: 3s max.


Apply alcohol based solvents to clean.
Do not clean the Switch immediately after soldering. Wait for at least five minutes after soldering before cleaning.
Ultrasonic cleaning is not available dip into Switch washing agents for two minutes maximum.

●Using Flux

Making mistakes in the type of flux or in the amount or method in which it is applied can cause flux to enter the interior of the Switch, with adverse effects on Switch performance. Assess the proper flux, conditions,and methods prior to using it.

●RoHS Compliant

The "RoHS Compliant" designation indicates that the listed models do not contain the six hazardous substances covered by the RoHS Directive. Reference: The following standards are used to determine compliance for the six substances.

Lead:1,000 ppm max.
Mercury:1,000 ppm max.
Cadmium:100 ppm max.
Hexavalent chromium:1,000 ppm max.
PBB:1,000 ppm max.
PBDF:1,000 ppm max.

●Environment for Storage and Use

To prevent discoloration of the terminals and other problems during storage, do not store the Switch in locations subject to the following conditions.
1. High temperature or humidity
2. Corrosive gases
3. Direct sunlight
Also, the Switch is not waterproof or splash-resistance.
Do not use the Switch in locations that are subject to contact with water. Do not subject the Switch to freezing or condensation.