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2SMPB-02B Digital Barometric Pressure Sensor

High accuracy and small size barometric pressure sensor with low current consumption

  • Measure barometric pressure and temperature with high accuracy.
  • Built in low noise 24 bit ADC.
  • Digital control and output via I2C/SPI interface
  • Automatically power down non-working circuit
    to minimize power consumption.
  • Individual calibration parameters stored in OTP*
    * One Time Programmable - ROM
RoHS Compliant
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Structure Packaging Model Minimum Packing Unit
LGA 9pin     Tape and Reel 2SMPB-02B 3,500
■Absolute Maximum Ratings
Item Symbol Rating Unit Remark
Power Supply Voltage Vddmax 4.0 V  
Input Voltage (other than power) Vmax -0.2 to Vopr+0.2 V  
Maximum Pressure Pmax 800 kPa  
Storage Temperature Tstr -40 to 85 °C with no condensation or icing
Storage Humidity Hstr 10 to 95 %RH with no condensation or icing
ESD (HBM) Vhbm ±2000 V  
ESD (MM) Vmm ±200 V  
ESD (CDM) Vcdm ±500 V  

■Operating Ratings
Item Symbol Min.. Typ.. Max. Unit Remark
Operating Voltage Vopr 1.71 1.8 3.6 V VDD
Vio 1.20 1.8 3.6 V VDDIO
Operating Temperature Topr -40 85 °C  

■Electrical Characteristics (At Ta = 25°C, VDD = 1.8 V, unless otherwise noted)
Item Symbol Confition Min. Typ. Max. Unit
Average Current Ihp 1 sample/s Forced Mode
Ultra High Accuracy
21.4 μA
Operating Current Consumption Iddp Pressure mode 640 800 μA
Iddt Temperature mode 410 520 μA
Sleep Mode Current Consumption Isleep   1.1 2.3 μA
Measureable Pressure Range Popr   30 110 kPa
Absolute Pressure Accuracy Pabs1 90 to 110 kPa, 0 to 40°C -100 100 Pa
Relative Pressure Accuracy Prel1 Ultra High Accuracy ±3.9 Pa
rms Noise Pnois Ultra High Accuracy 1.3 Pa
Absolute Temperature Accuracy Tabs 90 to 110 kPa, 0 to 40°C -2 2
Pressure Resolution Pres   0.06 Pa
Temperature Resolution Tres   0.0002
Power Supply Rejection Ratio (DC) Ppsrr 101.3kPa, 0-40℃, 1.71-3.6V
Base od VDD = 1.8V
-9.4 9.4 Pa
Note: 1. Typical specifications are not guaranteed.
Note: 2. The above table shows the characteristics of the Package before soldering.

Package Type: LGA (Land Grid Array) 9 pin
Package Size: 2.00 × 2.50 × 0.85 mm
Material of the terminal surface: Au


■Mounting PAD Dimensions

Recommended (Top View)



Precautions for Correct Use


(1) Only air can be used as pressure media on the product directly. It is prohibited to use pressure media including corrosive gases (e.g.
organic solvents gases, sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide gases), fluid and any other foreign materials.
(2) The products are not water proof. The product shall be kept dry in use excluding the sensor port.
(3) The product shall not be used under dew-condensing conditions. Frozen fluid on sensor chips may cause fluctuation of sensor output
and other troubles.
(4) The product shall be used within rated pressure. Usage at pressure out of the range may cause breakage.
(5) The product may be damaged by static electricity. Charged materials (e.g. a workbench and a floor) and workers should provide
measures against static electricity, including ground connection.
(6) The product shall not be dropped and handled roughly.
(7) The product shall not be used under dusty or damp condition.
(8) Do not wash the print circuit board after the pressure sensor is mounted using solvent. It may cause a mal-function.
(9) Please connect the sensor terminals according to the connection diagram.
(10) The product shall not be used under high-frequency vibration including ultrasonic wave.
(11) This product uses the elastic adhesive for bonding the lid, so do not add excessive stress to the lid.
(12) If soldering is not fit, then this product may catch fire or get hot.
(13) There is a possibility that the peripheral circuit board or some electronic part generates heat while driving this product. Please handle
with care.
(14) Do not tear down this product.
(15) Please do not use the sensor after following case;
- excessive shock added to the terminal of the sensor
- the sensor lid decapped
- the sensor dropped
(16) If you use other conditions described in this document, please check yourself in advance.

●Environmental conditions for transport and storage

(1) The product shall not be kept with corrosive gases (e.g. organic solvents gases, sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide gases).
(2) The products are not water proof. The product shall be kept dry during storage.
(3) The outer box strength may be degraded depending on the storage conditions. Please use the product in order.
(4) For this product, please keep away from direct sunlight or ultraviolet rays.
(5) The product shall be kept in appropriate conditions of temperature and humidity.
(6) The product shall not be kept under dusty or damp condition.