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XR2B Closed-frame Sockets

OMRON's IC Connectors Have Excellent Reliability and Can Tolerate Momentary Interruptions in Power. Ideal for Highspeed Data Processing.

  • Round pins and 4-point (4-finger) contact construction ensure long life and excellent shock and vibration durability.
  • Contact entry holes are large for easy insertion.
  • IC lead contacts placed high for solid connections.
  • No flux rise.
  • A wide product range: open-frame, closed-frame, single-row, carrier-type DIP terminals, wrap terminals, solder-sleeve terminals, and low-profile DIP terminals.
  • A new tin-plated product series offers more choice when it comes to selecting the optimum IC Socket for an application.
  • Conform to UL standards (file no. E 103202)(Excluding XR2P).
RoHS Compliant
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Appearance Sockets with DIP terminals
No. of
Row pitch (A)
With 0.25-μm gold
With 0.75-μm gold
16 7.62 XR2B-1611-N XR2B-1601-N
24 15.24 XR2B-2411-N XR2B-2401-N
28 15.24 XR2B-2811-N XR2B-2801-N
32 15.24 XR2B-3211-N XR2B-3201-N
40 15.24 XR2B-4011-N XR2B-4001-N
Item Gold plated Gold flash plated
Rated current 1A
Rated voltage 300 VAC
Contact resistance 20 mΩ max. (at 20 mV, 100 mA max.)
Insulation resistance 1,000 MΩ min. (at 500 VDC)
Dielectric strength 1,000 VAC for 1 min (leakage current: 1 mA max.)
Insertion force (See note.) 3.92 N max.
Removal force (See note.) 0.64 N min.
Insertion durability 100 times (0.75-μm gold plating), 50 times (0.25-μm gold plating) 20 times (gold flash plating)
Ambient operating temperature - 55 to 125℃ (with no condensation or icing)
Note: The contact insertion force and contact removal force are for a test gauge, t = 0.432 mm.
(unit: mm)





No. of contacts Dimensions (mm)
16 7.62 17.78
24 15.24 27.94
28 15.24 33.02
32 15.24 38.10
40 15.24 48.26