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C2UW Push Button Switch

Wireless Hand Switches

  • Operability that's highly flexible and has a high degree of freedom has been realized.
    There is no need to worry about staining, disconnection, and entangling of cables.
  • Comes with sub-buttons so that functions such as the sighting function, etc. can also be added.
  • The main switch has a two-level output.
  • An easy-to-grip design based on ergonomics
  • The same design is also available in wired type.

*C2UW-LP-I DA and C2UW-LU DA are availables in following areas only.

RoHS Compliant
Note: This web page provides an excerpt from a datasheet. Refer to Product Datasheet and other applicable documents for more information.

Model Number Structure
WirelessHand switchC2UW-LP-I DAJapan, America, Canada, Europe (EU) , Korea, Australia, India,
Brazil (as of August 2018)
* Contact your OMRON representative for the latest countries
to have acquired wireless certification.
HolderC2UW-LU DA
Wire harness for
wireless holder
WiredHand switchC2UW-DS DA
Note:A separate model has been prepared for medical equipment. Contact your OMRON representative for details.
Wireless Hand Switch C2UW-LP-I DA
Rated voltage3 V
Permissible voltage range2.1 to 3 V
* Battery: Use a primary lithium battery manufactured by a regular manufacturer that is compatible with the CR17345/CR123A standard.

Absolute maximum rating (Ta = 25°C)
Power supply voltage-0.3 VDC or higher, 3.6 VDC or lower

Wireless Holder C2UW-LU DA
Rated voltage12 to 24 V
Permissible voltage range10.8 to 26.4 V DC
Current consumption
Current consumptionTyp.Max.
100 mA400 mA
Absolute maximum rating (Ta = 25°C)
Input terminal-Applied voltage
Between VIN and GND-0.3 VDC or higher, 3.6 VDC or lower
-Continuous load current (average)
Between IN_COM and IN_READY150 mA
Between IN_COM and IN_READY250 mA
Output terminal-Continuous load current
(Peak AC/DC)
Load voltage
(Peak AC/DC)
Between OUT_COM and OUT_SLV_SW1500 mA60 V
Between OUT_COM and OUT_SLV_SW2
Between OUT_COM and OUT_SLV_SW3
Output circuit rating (Ta = 25°C)
Output terminalTyp.Max.
Max. output ON resistance1 Ω2 Ω
Leakage current for an open circuit-1 μA

Wired Hand Switch C2UW-DS DA

Main switch14 V DC10 mA
(Opening/closing frequency: 400,000 times)
30 V DC0.1 A
(Opening/closing frequency: 200,000 times)
Sub-switch24 V DC50 mA
(Opening/closing frequency: 400,000 times)

Mechanical Characteristics
StandardBluetooth 4.0 Low Energy SIG certification acquired
Note: Countries that have acquired certification (as of August 2018)
Frequency2.4 GHz zone (2.402 GHz to 2.480 GHz)*
Communications rangeApprox. 10 m
Response timeWhen the switch is pressed: 70 msec (max.)
When the switch is released: 50 msec (max.)
Note: When the touch sensor is set to Enabled.
No. of connectionsMax. 1Max. 2
(Up to two units can be connected to
one hand switch)
Allowable operating frequency60 times/min. or less
ShockMalfunction300 m/s2 max.
VibrationDestructionFrequency 10 Hz to 55 Hz, Double amplitude 1.5 mm
DurabilityMechanicalMain switch400,000 times or more (60 times/min.)-400,000 times or more (60 times/min.)
Sub-switch400,000 times or more (60 times/min.)-400,000 times or more (60 times/min.)
Cord tensile strength-100 N·1 min.29.4 N·1 min.
Operating temperature range0°C to +40°C (no icing or condensation)
Operating humidity range90% RH or less (at +5°C to 35°C)
WeightApprox. 70 g (no battery)Approx. 120 gApprox. 170 g (hand switch)
Approx. 65 g (holder)
Note: The above-described values are initial values.
* The use of this product may result in generation of wave interference. Also, the surrounding environment may cause electromagnetic hindrance.

Operation Characteristics (Initial Value Characteristics)
Common for Wireless Hand Switch C2UW-LP-I DA and Wired Hand Switch C2UW-DS DA

ItemAbbreviationUnitStandard value
Main switchOperating force 1OF1N4.7 ± 1.5
Operating force 2OF2N12.6 ± 3.0
Pretravel 1PT1mm* (2.25)
Pretravel 2PT2mm* (10.75)
Total travelTTmm* (15.5)
Sub-switchOperating forceOFN** Max. 4
PretravelPTmm* (0.25)
* Reference value
** During central operation

(Unit: mm)
Wireless Hand Switch C2UW-LP-I DA

Wireless Holder C2UW-LU DA

  Cable C2UW-WH-1M

CodeNameWire colorInput/
1OUT_COMOutput commonBlack stamp
on orange
OutputMOSFET relay (G3VM-61D1 manufactured by OMRON o)utput.
Output common GND connection/sink output, or output common power
supply connection/source output.
* In order to satisfy the current rating, connect a current limiting resistance
if necessary, with reference to the MOSFET specifications.
2OUT_SLV_SW1Main switch
First-stage output
Red stamp on
orange wire
3OUT_SLV_SW2Main switch
Second-stage output
Black stamp
on gray wire
4OUT_SLV_SW3Sub-switch outputRed stamp on
gray wire
5IN_COMInput commonBlack stamp
on white wire
InputThe LEDs on the wireless hand switch light up.
Diode full bridge (DA4X106U0R manufactured by Panasonic) circuit +
photocoupler (TLP293 manufactured by TOSHIBA)
* In order to satisfy the current rating, connect a current limiting resistance
if necessary, with reference to the specifications of each element.
6IN_READY1External input signal 1Red stamp on
white wire
7IN_READY2External input signal 2Black stamp
on yellow wire
8GNDPower supply
Red stamp on
yellow wire
Input0 VDC
9VINPower supply inputBlack stamp
on pink wire
Input10.8 to 26.4 V DC

Wired Hand Switch C2UW-DS DA

Precautions for Correct Use


·When performing soldering, be sure to quickly perform the process at 60 W within three seconds.


·Since this switch does not have a leak-proof structure, it cannot be washed. If you wash the switch, the soldering flux and impurities on the board may enter inside along with the washing liquid, causing damage to the switch.

●Application / Storage Environment

·Do not use or store the product at a location exposed to the corrosive gases such as hydrogen sulfide gas or the sea breeze, or a location exposed to oil or direct sunlight.

·Do not use or store the product at a location containing dust to an extent that can be visually seen. Doing so can result in a contact failure.

·If the product is stored under other than the specified storage environment conditions, or if dew formation occurs, or if the product falls, or if the product is stored for a long term exceeding one year, inspect at least the operating characteristics, contact resistance, insulation resistance, and withstand voltage.