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XM3C Plugs with Right-angle DIP Terminals

D-sub Connectors Are Ideal for Office Automation Interfacing.

  • Shielded against EMI.
  • A new line of multi-hole, ferrite-core Connectors (XM3B-F) offers space-saving design and superior noise protection at high frequency.
  • Fitted in a rugged, compact metal shell.
  • Many kinds of standard Anchors and grounding fixtures available.
  • The XM3 conform to UL standards (No.E103202)
RoHS Compliant
Note: This web page provides an excerpt from a datasheet. Refer to Product Datasheet and other applicable documents for more information.
No. of contacts
Anchor 2 and Tap Hole Grounding Fixtures Anchor 2 and Lock Pin Grounding Fixtures No anchors or Grounding Fixtures
XM2Z-0011 Anchor 2 (M2.6 × 0.45 metric screws) -
Tap Hole Grounding Fixtures Lock Pin Grounding Fixtures -
9 XM3C-0922-111 XM3C-0922-112 XM3C-0922
15 XM3C-1522-111 XM3C-1522-112 XM3C-1522
25 XM3C-2522-111 XM3C-2522-112 XM3C-2522
37 XM3C-3722-111 XM3C-3722-112 XM3C-3722
No. of contacts
No anchors, with Tap Hole Grounding Fixtures No anchors, with Lock Pin Grounding Fixtures  
No anchors
Tap Hole Grounding Fixtures Lock Pin Grounding Fixtures
9 XM3C-0922-501 XM3C-0922-502  
15 XM3C-1522-501 XM3C-1522-502  
25 XM3C-2522-501 XM3C-2522-502  
37 XM3C-3722-501 XM3C-3722-502  
Note: The XM3C-□□22-111/-112 with Anchor 2 (M2.6 × 0.45) and Grounding Fixtures as well as the XM3C-□□22-501/-502 with Grounding Fixtures and no Anchor are available as standard models.Two M3 × 0.5 Tap Hole Grounding Fixtures and an M3 × 0.5 Lock Pin Grounding Fixture for the Anchor side are provided.
Contact your OMRON representative for other anchor and grounding fixture specifications. See Accessories (Sold Separately) of XM2/XM3 for details on accesories.

Tap Hole Grounding Fixtures and Lock Pin Grounding Fixtures are not sold separately.
  All XM3C models except
for those with 37 pins
XM3C models with 37 pins            
Rated current 5 A 3 A
Rated voltage 300 VAC
Contact resistance 15 mMΩ max. (at 20 mVDC, 100 mA max.)
Insulation resistance 1,000 MΩ min. (at 500 V DC)
Dielectric strength 1,000 VAC for 1 min (leakage current: 1 mA max.)
Insertion durability 200 times
Ambient operating
-55℃ to 105℃ (with no icing at low temperature)
(unit: mm)
DIP Terminals
XM3C-□□22 (No Anchors or Grounding Fixtures)
XM3C-□□22-501 (No Anchors, with Tap Hole Grounding Fixtures)
XM3C-□□22-502 (No Anchors, with Lock Pin Grounding Fixtures)
XM3C-□□22-111 (With Anchor 2 and Tap Hole Grounding Fixtures)
XM3C-□□22-112 (With Anchor 2 and Lock Pin Grounding Fixtures)
25-contact model shown above.
(No Anchor or Grounding Fixtures)
Note: XM3C Terminals were manufactured in accordance with JIS X 5101. Terminal pitches are a mixed arrangement of 2.77- and 2.74-mm contacts on 25- and 37-contact models as specified in the JIS standard. A pitch of 2.76 mm is recommended for the mounting holes because of the more advanced numerical control available today. This is sufficient to avoid any problems.

Mounting holes
(t = 1.6 mm, bottom view)

Dimensions (mm)
No. of contacts
9 30.8 24.99 16.91 10.96 8.22 2.74 1.37
15 39.1 33.32 25.25 19.18 16.44 2.74 1.37
25 53.0 47.04 38.96 33.12 30.36 2.76 1.38
37 69.3 63.50 55.42 49.68 46.92 2.76 1.38