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XC7C Triple-row Plugs

An improved DIN-standard Sequence Connector

  • Allows power line to daughter board connection first and removal last.
  • Used the same way as regular DIN connectors.Dimensions are those of DIN B-type and C-type connectors. Mated length is 4 mm. All contacts are sequential contacts, an improvement on standard connectors.
  • Sockets are equipped with 1-mm long sequential contacts. Sockets can be stacked up to 2 levels,and Plugs can be stacked up to 3 levels.
  • Uses a double-sided contact design. Gold/palladium plating has an insertion durability of 5,000 cycles.
RoHS Compliant
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No. of contacts
Terminal type Sequential contact position Model
96 Right-angle DIP terminals All XC7C-9642-N001
None XC7C-9642
Rated current 2 A
Rated voltage 300 VAC
Contact resistance 20 mΩ max. (at 20 mV, 100 mA max.)
Insulation resistance 106 MΩ min. (at 100 VDC)
Dielectric strength 1,000 VAC for 1 min (leakage current:1 mA max.)
Total insertion force 1 N max. per contact
Removal force 0.2 N min. (with test gauge, t = 0.56 mm)
Insertion durability 5,000 times
Ambient operating temperature -55 to 125℃ (with no icing at low temperature)
(unit: mm)

(With right-angle DIP terminals)


Correct Use

●Automated soldering

• Use masking tape to mask the Right-angle Connectors before automated soldering.

precaution img

Automated Soldering Conditions (Jet Flow)

  1. Soldering temperature: 250 ±5°C
  2. Continuous soldering time: Within 5±1s

Dimensions after Mounting

• Mounting dimensions for all Connectors should be as shown in the following diagram.

precaution img

α: 3.55 mm
The distance between the center line of themounting holes on the mother board andthe daughter board. (This center line isshifted 0.3 mm toward row a from row b.)

β: 2.54 mm
The distance between the mounting holeson the daughter board and row a.

γ: 5.3 mm
The distance between the edge of the daughter board and row a.

δ: 12.4 to 14.2 mm
To insure reliability, be sure to keep the Connectors within these dimensions when mounting.

• The allowable margins for mating the Connectors are shown below.

precaution img