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New Non-Leaded, High-Current P-SON Package

  • Load voltage 30 V/60 V/100 V.
  • 30 V relay: Continuous load current of 4.5 A max.
  • 60 V relay: Continuous load current of 3 A max.
  • 100 V relay: Continuous load current of 2 A max.
  • High Ambient operating temperature: -40°C to +110°C
RoHS Compliant
Model 2D/3D CAD ECAD(Download symbol,FootPrint,3DCAD)
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Package type Contact form Terminals Load voltage
(peak value) *
load current
(peak value) *
Packing/Tape cut Packing/Tape & reel
Model Minimum
Model Minimum
P-SON4 1a
30 V 4.5 A G3VM-31WR 1 pc. G3VM-31WR(TR05) 500 pcs.
60 V 3 A G3VM-61WR G3VM-61WR(TR05)
100 V 2 A G3VM-101WR G3VM-101WR(TR05)
* The AC peak and DC value are given for the load voltage and continuous load current.
Note: When ordering tape packing, add "(TR05)" (500 pcs/reel) to the model number.
Ask your OMRON representative for orders under 500 pcs. We can supply products with the tape already cut.
Tape-cut P-SON is packaged without humidity resistance. Use manual soldering to mount them.
Refer to common precautions.
Absolute Maximum Ratings(Ta = 25°C)
Item Symbol G3VM-31WR G3VM-61WR G3VM-101WR Unit Measurement conditions
Input LED forward current IF 30 mA  
LED forward current reduction rate ⊿IF/℃ -0.3 mA/℃ Ta≧25℃
LED reverse voltage VR 6 V  
Connection temperature TJ 125  
Output Load voltage (AC peak/DC) VOFF 30 60 100 V  
Continuous load current (AC peak/DC) IO 4.5 3 2 A  
ON current reduction rate ⊿IO/℃ -45 -30 -20 mA/℃ Ta≧25℃
Pulse ON current Iop 10 9 6 A t=100 ms, Duty=1/10
Connection temperature TJ 125  
Dielectric strength between I/O * VI-O 500 Vrms AC for 1 min
Ambient operating temperature Ta -40 to +110 With no icing or condensation
Ambient storage temperature Tstg -40 to +125
Soldering temperature - 260 10 s
* The dielectric strength between the input and output was checked by applying voltage between all pins as a group on the LED side and all pins as a group on the light-receiving side.

Electrical Characteristics(Ta = 25°C)
Item Symbol G3VM-31WR G3VM-61WR G3VM-101WR Unit Measurement conditions
Input LED forward voltage VF Minimum 1.1 V IF=10 mA
Typical 1.22
Maximum 1.4
Reverse current IR Maximum 10 μA VR=5 V
Capacity between terminals CT Typical 70 pF V=0, f=1 MHz
Trigger LED forward current IFT Typical 1 0.9 mA IO=1 A
Maximum 3
Release LED forward current IFC Minimum 0.1 mA IOFF=10 μA
Typical 0.9 0.8
Output Maximum resistance with
output ON
RON Typical 25 45 130 IO=Continuous load current rated value
IF=5 mA, t<1 s
Maximum 50 100 200
Current leakage when the relay
is open
ILEAK Maximum 1000
nA VOFF=Load voltage rated value
31WR :(VOFF=20 V)
61WR :(VOFF=40 V)
101WR :(VOFF=80 V)
Capacity between terminals Coff Typical 450 250 170 pF V=0 V, f=1 MHz
Capacity between I/O terminals CI-O Typical 1 pF f=1 MHz, VS=0 V
Insulation resistance between I/O terminals RI-O Typical 108 VI-O=500 VDC, ROH≦60%
Turn-ON time tON Typical 3 2 ms IF=5 mA, RL=200 Ω,
VDD=10 V (G3VM-31WR)
VDD=20 V (G3VM-61WR/101WR) *
Maximum 5 3
Turn-OFF time tOFF Typical 0.04 0.03
Maximum 1
* Turn-ON and Turn-OFF Times
Electrical Characteristics1 Electrical Characteristics2

Recommended Operating Conditions

For high reliability usage, Recommended Operation Conditions are measures that take into account the derating of Absolute Maximum Ratings and Electrical Characteristics.
Each item on this list is an independent condition, so it is not simultaneously satisfying several conditions.

Item Symbol   G3VM-31WR G3VM-61WR G3VM-101WR Unit
Load voltage (AC peak/DC) VDD Maximum 24 48 80 V
Operating LED forward current IF Typical 5 mA
Maximum 20
Continuous load current (AC peak/DC) IO Maximum 4.5 3 2 A
Ambient operating temperature Ta Minimum -20
Maximum 85

P-SON (Power - Small Outline Non-Leaded)

P-SON 4-pin
* Actual model name marking for each model

Model Marking
G3VM-31WR 3W0
G3VM-61WR 6W0
G3VM-101WR AW0
Note 1. The actual product is marked differently from the image shown above.
Note 2. “G3VM” does not appear in the model number on the relay.


Dimensions(Unit: mm)

Surface-Mounting Terminals
Weight: 0.02 g

Note: The actual product is marked differently from the image shown here.

Actual Mounting Pad Dimensions
(Recommended Value, Top View)
Unless otherwise specified, the dimensional tolerance is ± 0.1 mm.
Terminal Arrangement/Internal Connections (Top View)