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XG5M-N Double-row Sockets

Trouble-free discrete-wire termination with IDC Sockets that accommodate MIL Plugs.

  • Two-slot, IDC construction and insulation barrel offer high reliability and large-current (3A) discrete wiring capability.
  • Adaptable to a variety of covers for space-saving and discrete wire termination.
  • By using the simple, unique lock-lever system,these Connectors can be locked to either the XG8B/XG8W Unshrouded Plugs (with right-angle terminals) or XG4C Box-type Plugs.
  • See the "Standards certification / conformity list" for information on conformity to certification standards.
RoHS Compliant
Model 2D/3D CAD ECAD(Download symbol,FootPrint,3DCAD)
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XG5M-1031-N Download Download
XG5M-1032-N Download Download
XG5M-1034-N Download Download
XG5M-1035-N Download Download
XG5M-1432-N Download Download
XG5M-1435-N Download Download
XG5M-1632-N Download Download
XG5M-1635-N Download Download
XG5M-2032-N Download Download
XG5M-2035-N Download Download
XG5M-2632-N Download Download
XG5M-2635-N Download Download
XG5M-3032-N Download Download
XG5M-3035-N Download Download
XG5M-3432-N Download Download
XG5M-3435-N Download Download
XG5M-4032-N Download Download
XG5M-4035-N Download Download
XG5M-5032-N Download Download
XG5M-5033-N Download Download
XG5M-5035-N Download Download
XG5M-5036-N Download Download
XG5M-6032-N Download Download
XG5M-6033-N Download Download
XG5M-6035-N Download Download
XG5M-6036-N Download Download
XG5M-6432-N Download Download
XG5M-6433-N Download Download
XG5M-6435-N Download Download
XG5M-6436-N Download Download
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No. of
No. of
Size #1 (See note 1.) Size #2 (See note 2.)
10 0 XG5M-1031-N XG5M-1034-N
1 XG5M-1032-N XG5M-1035-N
14 1 XG5M-1432-N XG5M-1435-N
16 1 XG5M-1632-N XG5M-1635-N
20 1 XG5M-2032-N XG5M-2035-N
26 1 XG5M-2632-N XG5M-2635-N
30 1 XG5M-3032-N XG5M-3035-N
34 1 XG5M-3432-N XG5M-3435-N
40 1 XG5M-4032-N XG5M-4035-N
50 1 XG5M-5032-N XG5M-5035-N
2 XG5M-5033-N XG5M-5036-N
60 1 XG5M-6032-N XG5M-6035-N
2 XG5M-6033-N XG5M-6036-N
64 1 XG5M-6432-N XG5M-6435-N
2 XG5M-6433-N XG5M-6436-N
1. The 10-contact XG5M-1031-N and XG5M-1034-N have no polarizing guides. The distance between slots is 22.86 mm for the two guides on 50, 60, and 64-contact Connectors.
2. See the Datasheet for Plug information.
3. Applicable wire is AWG24 (UL1061) for size #1.
4. Applicable wire is AWG28 to AWG26 (UL1007) for size #2. For details, see the previous page.
Rated current 1 A (AWG28), 2 A (AWG26),3 A (AWG24)
Rated voltage 300 VAC
Contact resistance 20mΩ max. (at 20 mV, 100mA max.)
Insulation resistance 1,000MΩ min. (at 500 VDC)
Dielectric strength 650 VAC for 1 min (leakage current: 1 mA max.)
Total insertion force 1.96 N max. per contact
Removal force 0.29 N min. (with test gauge, 0.64 x 0.64 mm)
Insertion durability 50 times
Ambient operating temperature -55 to 85℃(with no icing at low temperature)
(Unit: mm)

Models with no polarizing guide
XG5M-1031-N (size #1)
XG5M-1034-N (size #2)
Models with polarizing guide
XG5M-32-N (size #1)
XG5M-33-N (size #1)
XG5M-35-N (size #2)
XG5M-36-N (size #2)

No. of
Dimensions (mm)
10 17.3 10.16
14 22.3 15.24
16 24.9 17.78
20 30.0 22.86
26 37.6 30.48
30 42.7 35.56
34 47.7 40.64
40 55.4 48.26
50 68.1 60.96
60 80.8 73.66
64 85.8 78.74

Correct Use

IDC Connectors

• For best results, use only the XG5 IDC Tool.
• Contact your OMRON representative for details on the XG5 IDC Tool.
• Check the Contact size (No. 1 or No 2) and wire size before connecting.
• OMRON has a IDC Tool Reference Manual. Contact your OMRON representative to request a copy.

Mounting the Cover

• The cover is used to protect the connection position and prevent shorting out.

Mounting the Semi-cover

• See the above diagram.

1. Insert part A of the Semi-cover into part B of the Socket.
2. Push the claws on both sides of the Semi-cover onto the Socket.
3. Make sure the claws are firmly inserted in the slots.
4. To protect the wires, use cable ties to bind wires that may be subject to tension even when a Semi-cover is used.


Mounting the Hood Cover

• See the above diagram.

1. Insert the claws of part A of the Hood Cover into the slots.
2. Insert claws B on the Hood cover into part C on the other part of the Hood Cover.
3. Wrap the wires with a cable tie.

Horizontal Hood Cover

• Follow the mounting procedure for the vertical cover.
• The left and right parts of the cover are different. Assemble carefully.

• The Contact numbers on the Double-row Assembled Socket match the numbers on the XG4M Flat Cable MIL Socket. (See the above diagrams.)
• When making IDC connections on the Double-row Assembled Connector, use the polarity guide to distinguish the front and back. (Note: The 10-contact Connector does not have a guide.)

Applicable Plugs

• XG4A, XG4C and XG8 are recommended.
• XG4C and XG8 Plugs do not have locks. To prevent accidental removal, use a Lock Lever (XG4Z-0002, XG5Z-0002). (Lock Levers cannot be used with XG8W Straight Terminal Connectors.)
• When mounting the XG8 Original Plug (with right-angle terminals) to a circuit board, be sure that the cover is positioned off the board as shown below.