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XG4M MIL Sockets

The Mainstream of Circuit Board Connectors conforming MIL Standards with Improved Design.

  • Our new production system improves reliability.
  • Space-saving Box-type Plugs (XG4C) available.
  • IDC Plugs (XG4E) can be used for relaying.
  • An endless number of combinations can be made using the XG-5 IDC Connectors for discrete wires, XG8 Original Plugs, and the XG2 IDC Connectors for PCBs.
  • The Original Plugs (XG8) and the Box-type Plugs (XG4C) can be locked using Lock Levers.
  • Conform to MIL standards (MIL-C-83503).
  • UL standards (file No. E103202) (All XG4 models except those with XG4U)
RoHS Compliant
Model 2D/3D CAD ECAD(Download symbol,FootPrint,3DCAD)
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XG4M-1030 Download Download
XG4M-1030-T Download Download
XG4M-1031 Download Download
XG4M-1031-T Download Download
XG4M-1430 Download Download
XG4M-1430-T Download Download
XG4M-1630 Download Download
XG4M-1630-T Download Download
XG4M-2030 Download Download
XG4M-2030-T Download Download
XG4M-2630 Download Download
XG4M-2630-T Download Download
XG4M-3030 Download Download
XG4M-3030-T Download Download
XG4M-3430 Download Download
XG4M-3430-T Download Download
XG4M-4030 Download Download
XG4M-4030-T Download Download
XG4M-5030 Download Download
XG4M-5030-T Download Download
XG4M-5031 Download Download
XG4M-5031-T Download Download
XG4M-6030 Download Download
XG4M-6030-T Download Download
XG4M-6031 Download Download
XG4M-6031-T Download Download
XG4M-6430 Download Download
XG4M-6430-T Download Download
XG4M-6431 Download Download
XG4M-6431-T Download Download
XG4T-1004 Download Download
XG4T-1404 Download Download
XG4T-1604 Download Download
XG4T-2004 Download Download
XG4T-2604 Download Download
XG4T-3004 Download Download
XG4T-3404 Download Download
XG4T-4004 Download Download
XG4T-5004 Download Download
XG4T-6004 Download Download
XG4T-6404 Download Download
(*) Ultra Librarian uniquely created ECAD data based on the information provided by OMRON. Please note that OMRON does not guarantee the accuracy, concurrence or completeness of ECAD data.
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No. of contacts
Polarity guides
Socket and Strain Relief Set(See note 1.)
Socket with Open-end Cover(See note 2.)
Strain Relief for the XG4M
10 XG4M-1031-T XG4M-1031 XG4T-1004 0
XG4M-1030-T XG4M-1030 1
14 XG4M-1430-T XG4M-1430 XG4T-1404 1
16 XG4M-1630-T XG4M-1630 XG4T-1604 1
20 XG4M-2030-T XG4M-2030 XG4T-2004 1
26 XG4M-2630-T XG4M-2630 XG4T-2604 1
30 XG4M-3030-T XG4M-3030 XG4T-3004 1
34 XG4M-3430-T XG4M-3430 XG4T-3404 1
40 XG4M-4030-T XG4M-4030 XG4T-4004 1
50 XG4M-5030-T XG4M-5030 XG4T-5004 1
XG4M-5031-T XG4M-5031 2(See note 3.)
60 XG4M-6030-T XG4M-6030 XG4T-6004 1
XG4M-6031-T XG4M-6031 2(See note 3.)
64 XG4M-6430-T XG4M-6430 XG4T-6404 1
XG4M-6431-T XG4M-6431 2(See note 3.)
Note: 1. With open-end cover.
2. Strain Relief sold separately.
3. Polarity guide pitch is 22.86 mm.

MIL Sockets: XG4M
Relay Plug: XG4E

MIL Plugs: XG4A
Box-type Plugs: XG4C
Board-to-board Sockets: XG4H

Rated current
1A 3A *
Rated voltage
AC250V AC300V
Contact resistance
20 mΩ max. (at 20 mV, 100 mA max.)
Insulation resistance
1,000 MΩ min. (at 500 VDC)
Dielectric strength
500 VAC for 1 min (leakage current: 1 mA max.)
Total insertion force
1.96 N max. per contact
Removal force
0.39 N min. (with test gauge, t= 0.64 mm)
Insertion durability
50 times

Ambient operating temperature

Operating: -55 to 105℃ (with no icing at low temperature)
*The rated current will depend on the Socket you are using. It is 1 A using the XG4M for example.
(Unit: mm)

XG4M- 30 (one polarity guide)
XG4M- 31 (all others)


Strain relief
XG4T- 04


(Unit: mm)
No. of contacts
Dimensions (mm)
10 17.3 10.16
14 22.3 15.24
16 24.9 17.78
20 30.0 22.86
26 37.6 30.48
30 42.7 35.56
34 47.7 40.64
40 55.4 48.26
50 68.1 60.96
60 80.8 73.66
64 85.8 78.74