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Image Sensing Technology

Expression Estimation

Expression Estimation estimates the facial expressions
in an image.
Incorporating this technology in multiple devices will not
only bring machines closer to people but will also makes
for smoother communication between people.

Press Release "Omron Develops Expression Estimation Technology"

Estimation of seven facial expressions

Expression Estimation is possible
for the six facial expressions,
i.e. happiness, surprise, fear, disgust, anger
and sadness, and the lack of facial expression.

The degree of each expression is output,
allowing to estimate ambiguous
facial expressions too.

Positive feelings like happiness
and negative feelings like fear, disgust,
anger and sadness can be estimated.

Expression Estimation is possible with only one image

Expression Estimation does not need information
over multiple frames and can be done with the
information of one image only.
Expression Estimation is possible for still images and movie files alike.

High speed process is possible with low memory usage

Real time processing on embedded devices is possible.
Please note that the availability of this feature depends
on the embedded environment used.


Movements varies with the expression detected

Toys & Game MarketPet Robot

Growth varies with the expression detected

Toys & Game MarketEducational game

Background varies with the expression detected

Toys & Game MarketPhoto decoration

Search and extract instantly the expression desired

Mobile & Digital Camera MarketImage Search

Home appliances adjust to the expression detected

Home Appliances MarketCondition Sensor