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Basic Switches

Basic Switches

Definition of Basic Switch

  1. What is a Basic Switch?

    A Basic Switch has a micro contact gap and snap-action mechanism, and turns ON and OFF with a specified movement and force.

Definition of Snap-action

  1. What is the Snap-action ?

    Snap-action is a mechanism that enables instant switching at a fixed operating position, regardless of the operating speed and operating force of the switch.


  1. The load does not turn ON when the Switch is pressed. Why is this?

    (1)There may be contact failure.
    Causes: The switch is not pressed sufficiently. A general-purpose switch(with silver contacts)is being used for a microload(electronic circuit).
    (2)The conatcts may be welded.
    (3)The internal spring may be broken.
    (4)The operating speed may not match.
    (5)The operating frequency may not match.

  2. The load will not turn OFF. Why is this?

    The Switch contacts may be welded.

Usage Environment

  1. Are there Basic Switches avaialble that can be used in locations subject to water?

    Use a Sealed Basic Switch with ingress protection IP67 by IEC.
    There are D2VW, D2SW, D2JW, D2HW, and D2QW