Image Sensing Technology

Face Detection

Detects faces under various condition by OMRON's original object detection algorithm. This detection is amazingly fast and high accurate.

Detection occurs for
360-degree in-plane rotation.

Partial occlusion can be handled
by combining with face tracking.

Optimized for embedded environment.

Device independent and
highly customizable.

Human Detection

Detects human bodies in case face detection is not available.

Robust to various size,
pose and illumination conditions

Device independent and highly customizable.

Object Tracking

Tracks faces, human bodies and other objects.

Tracks various objects.

Robust to partial occlusion

Tracks up to five objects simultaneously.

Optimized for embedded software and LSI.

Application Examples

Auto focus/exposure based on face detection
Face brightness adjustment
Auto focus/exposure based on full body detection
Video editing
Auto focus/exposure based on object tracking