e-CON Connector (Easy-wire Connectors)

Easy-wire Connectors (e-CON)


e-CON is an industry standard connector meant to standardize connections between sensors and terminals.
They are widely used in situations such as sensor connections in non-waterproof environments.


Easy-wire Connectors with e-CONSpecifications; Ideal for Connecting Sensors.

XN2 Easy-wire Connectors for Industrial Components
  • Uses industry-proven spring clamps for wiring.
  • No special tools required for easy wiring
  • Rewiring (repairing) is possible.
  • Each Connector accepts any wire size from stranded wire AWG28 (0.08 mm2) to AWG20 (0.5 mm2). (External sheath diameter: 1.5 mm max.)
No special tools required for easy wiring.
Rewiring (repairing) is possible.

* e-CON specifications are currently being promoted for standardization by manufacturers of FA components and connectors.Connector specifications are disclosed only for the mating portions.

Easy-wire E-con Electrical Connector Types for Industrial Components

Classification Model Appearance Contact pitch Type
Easy-wire Connectors for Industrial Components(e-CON) XN2A XN2A image 2.0mm Plug
XN2B/XN2D XN2B/XN2D image 2.0mm Socket

Wiring Configuration Examples


Semiconductor production equipment / Elevator