e-CON Connector (Easy-wire Connectors)

Easy-wire Connectors (e-CON)


What is an Easy-Wire Connector?

e-CON is an industry standard connector meant to standardize connections between sensors and terminals.
They are widely used in situations such as sensor connections in non-waterproof environments.

easy wire connectors econ

Easy-Wire Connectors Ideal for Connecting Sensors

XN2 Easy-wire Connectors for Industrial Components
  • Uses industry-proven spring clamps for wiring.
  • No special tools required for easy wiring
  • Rewiring (repairing) is possible.
  • Each Connector accepts any wire size from stranded wire AWG28 (0.08 mm2) to AWG20 (0.5 mm2). (External sheath diameter: 1.5 mm max.)
easy wire connectors for sensors
No special tools required for easy wiring.
no tools required to wire easy wire connectors
Rewiring (repairing) is possible.
rewire an easy wire connector

* e-CON specifications are currently being promoted for standardization by manufacturers of FA components and connectors.Connector specifications are disclosed only for the mating portions.

Types of Industrial Components for Electrical Connectors

There are different industrial components for electrical connectors. Below, you can see our options and learn their differences.

Classification Model Appearance Contact pitch Type
Easy-wire Connectors for Industrial Components(e-CON) XN2A XN2A image 2.0mm Plug
XN2B/XN2D XN2B/XN2D image 2.0mm Socket

Easy-Wire Connector Configuration Examples

There are a few configuration you could use for easy-wire connectors. Each one has a different application. The image below shows different wiring configuration you could use with your easy-wire connectors.

easy wire connector configurations

E-Con Applications

  • Connection of sensor and control unit for elevator
  • Sensor connection for semiconductor production equipment
  • Connection of sensor for factory automation and robotics applications