Applications | •Breakdown of connector


Connector Failures

There are three major failures of the connector.

1. Initial failure

Connectors have been broken before being used as applications.

  • Contact failure due to excessive fluxing or adhesion of cleaning liquid on contact
  • Contact failure due to solidified substrate coating liquid adhered to the contact

2. Accidental failure

Sudden failure mainly due to mechanical stress

  • Dropping / hitting products
  • Corrupt connector due to pulling cable
  • Corrupt connector due to reverse insertion

3. Friction failure

Failures that occur while using as application

  • The plating on the contact part is peeled off due to insertion and removal exceeding the limit and become eroded, and this causes conduction failure.
  • By using the connector in a high temperature environment exceeding the limit to guarantee the performance, the contact portion of the contact wears out, and then conduction failure occurs due to insufficient contact pressure caused by lowering of a insertion and removal force.
  • Lock breaks down due to friction caused by locking more than the number of times of limit to guarantee the performance.

Please observe the precautions to avoid these failures.