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Precautions for Proper Connector Use

1. Ambient operating temperature range

The ambient operating temperature range includes the self temperature rise due to energization of the connector. This is described below.

Ambient operating temperature + Self-temperature rise of connector ≤ Upper temperature range

2. Ambient storage temperature range

The ambient storage temperature range is the condition when storing the packed connector. The ambient operating temperature range is applied when storing, without energizing, the connector which has been mounted on a printed circuit board.

3. The specifications of the wire and printed circuit board to be used for the connector

Please use wires and printed circuit boards whose wire specifications (size, material etc.) and printed circuit board specifications (substrate thickness, board through hole specifications, etc.) conform to the connector to be used. In addition, please use appropriate tools and equipment for connecting.

4. Connector insertion / removal

  • Insert and remove connectors straight
  • Insert deeply
  • If there is a lock, please make sure that the lock is secure
  • When removing please make sure that it has been unlocked

There are some other points to be aware. Please refer to the catalog and specifications before use.