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Omron Company Motto


Omron's Corporate Principles and Omron's Corporate Motto are meant for living up to our core value of "working for the benefit of society."

Omron's Corporate Principles

In recent years, the values that society demands of companies have changed significantly. Unlike the past when only economic values were emphasized, social values are increasing in importance. Along with the steady growth and global expansion of the Omron Group's business operations, our stakeholders - which include customers, business associates, shareholders/investors, local communities, and employees - are expanding in scope and diversity. Against the backdrop of these changes, it is more essential than ever that the Omron Group play its part in the global community by engaging in various activities that benefit society. In this way, we can coexist in harmony with society, rather than solely pursuing financial growth through business operations. In response to new societal requirements and value perceptions, the Omron Group has decided to review and reorganize the platform of its corporate philosophy, and has compiled it in the form of the new Omron Principles. The new Omron Principles were established around the core value of "working for the benefit of society." We believe that this core value most clearly communicates our determination to coexist in harmony with society. It has remained central to the Omron Group's management practices and corporate activities over the past 50 years. To more clearly express this fundamental value, and preserve it for future generations, the Omron Group has once again placed it at the heart of the Omron Principles.

Corporate Motto

At Omron, the motto "At work for a better life, a better world for all" is the basis for our business activities. Omron founder Kazuma Tateisi conceptualised and established the company motto in 1959. In an age when the majority of companies were pouring their energy solely into the raising of revenue and profit and the pursuit of productivity and efficiency, Omron was ahead of its time advocating Coexistence With Society and Corporate Social Responsibility, the elements of Corporate Public Responsibility.