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OKAO Plus Sensing

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Facial Detection Technology

Omron has been a pioneer in Image Sensing technology and products for over 15 years, providing solutions for use in applications that range from consumer electronics and handheld devices to automotive. Using a unique image recognition algorithm, Omron’s technology offers a wide range of functionality that includes, but is not limited to:
  • Detecting and recognizing faces, people, and pets
  • Motion tracking of faces, bodies, and other objects
  • Enhancing facial image through photo retouching and video editing
  • Learn more by reading below OR by visiting Omron's global HVC website; OKAO Plus Sensing

        Today this technology is available in 2 separate forms:

    1. Software (OKAO Vision IP):
      OKAO Vision IP – Having been licensed over 500 million times globally, this best in class software IP, which comes in the form of an IP block, can be used in a wide variety of image sensing applications and will work with most RGB cameras available on the market.  For additional information, or if you’re interested in a free demo, please click HERE.   Please note Omron’s mutual NDA will need to be signed before additional information on OKAO Vision software can be shared. 
    1. Hardware (Human Vision Components):
      Human Vision Components (HVC) – Customers not already using a camera but are interested in having access to image sensing technology can instead opt for a more simplified hardware solution using Omron’s Human Vision Components.  HVC is a PCB with an integrated camera, processor, and memory and is designed to act as a sensor, which outputs data via UART communication.  This hardware solution utilizes the most popular OKAO software functions, shown below.

    Common OKAO and HVC Capabilities

    OKAO and HVC Capabilities

    Face Detection

    Can detect faces of various sizes quickly and accurately.

    Face Recognition

    A person in various facial poses, expressions, and illumination conditions can be recognized by the sensor by comparing his or her face with faces already registered in a database.

    Age / Gender Estimation

    The sensor can estimate the age and gender of a face in various expressions and illumination conditions.

    Facial Pose, Gaze and Blink Detection

    The facial pose and gaze direction of a face can be estimated by the sensor, along with blink estimations in various illumination conditions.

    Facial Expression Estimation

    OKAO and HVC components can estimate, automatically, various facial expressions (Neutral, Happy, Sad, Angry and Surprised).

    Hand Detection

    Can detect the human hand when displayed in front of the sensor.

    Human Body Detection

    The sensor can detect the human body when a face is not clearly visible.

    HVC can be purchased directly from Omron or through an authorized channel partner.



    OKAO and HVC Capabilities

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